The Not Forgotten Outreach (NFO) Board of Directors named Nadia Cabrera-Mazzeo as the Interim Executive Director in December of 2023. Nadia first became involved with NFO in 2016 when she served as a Team Leader in AmeriCorps NCCC and worked at the NFO Respite Center with Army veteran founders Kym Sanchez and Don Peters. Years later, Nadia became a licensed attorney and was honored to accept Kym’s invitation to join the Board of Directors. She served on the board for three years before deciding to take a break from the practice of law and join the NFO staff.

In the last few years, NFO has experienced unprecedented challenges in the form of Don and Kym’s retirement, the COVID-19 pandemic, unexpected turnover in leadership, and more—yet it has prevailed. Nadia’s experience as a volunteer, board member, and staff member of NFO gives her a unique perspective over the organization’s operations, both from a birds-eye-view and an on-the-ground vantage point.

Nadia is committed to reconnecting NFO with the mission and vision of its founders and applying it to current and future circumstances.

“NFO is more than just an organization, it is a dream come true. Kym dreamed of serving veterans and military families by providing a space of respite and wellness where folks can feel safe to be vulnerable and to heal from the untold traumas of military service. With help from the community, she and Don made that dream into a reality. That is the heart of NFO that has been sort of obscured in the last few years,” says Nadia.

It all begins with a smile and an open heart. People drive up to the farm at 610 Paseo del Pueblo Norte carrying the weight of pain, sacrifice, PTSD, and other conditions. Now, as before, they will be met with compassion and non-judgment. Anyone is welcome on the farm to hang out with the animals, trees, and mountain. Veterans are encouraged to use a free plot in our community garden and to participate in yoga, equine (horse) therapy, art, and other activities provided by NFO. 

Nadia is joined by a small but mighty staff with Nina Scalora, who has been with NFO for five years, as Finance Director and Richard Kalenka as Program Director. Richard oversees VetCorps, a 6-month agricultural training program with an emphasis on therapy and wellbeing. Recruitment is now open for VetCorps Class 10 which begins on April 1, 2024. Contact for more information.

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