New Client Information

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New Clients

If you are a new client, please download and fill out the NFO Wellness Center New Client Packet and submit the forms either via email or in person before your first session.

Client Session Guide


To prepare for your session at the Not Forgotten Outreach (NFO) Wellness Center, we ask that you think about something you would like to achieve during the session. It can be as simple as “My goal is to get relief from neck pain.” Establishing goals enables us to monitor our own progress.

What to Expect

During your massage session, you will be lying down on a treatment table with pillows and blankets. The lights will be dim and quiet music will be available. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that will help you relax. You will be asked to remove your shoes upon entry.

During the Session

During your first session, the practitioner will take a few minutes to review your needs and family history. Prior to the beginning of the session, be sure to have all paperwork filled out or arrive half an hour early to fill it out at the Wellness Center. Sessions typically last around one hour and are tailored to your specific needs. You may be asked to lie on your front, side, or back depending on the treatment being administered.


The acupuncturist will typically begin by taking your pulse and checking your tongue. This allows the practitioner to determine the best treatment plan by providing information about your body’s health and resources. Treatment usually consists of selecting a specific set of acupuncture points sequencing. The practitioner may request that a specific item of clothing be removed or pulled back. For example, if working on the knee, the pant leg may need to be rolled up or removed.

The acupuncturist will then insert the filiform needles superficially at specific points. The needles will remain in the body for a specified amount of time depending on the condition and the client. During this time, you will rest and it is common for the client to fall asleep. Once the acupuncturist determines that the treatment is complete, the needles will be removed and you will be asked to take your time getting up.

Acupuncture needles are sterile and are only used once then disposed of according to state and federal health guidelines. Clients often say they cannot feel the needles because they are so fine. On average, 30 acupuncture needles can fit into a standard hypodermic needle.

CranioSacral Therapy

The CranioSacral practitioner begins by gently touching various parts of the body to assess and monitor the rhythm of the fluid moving around the spine and central nervous system. The practitioner uses their hands to sense the pulse of the fluids to assess areas of weakness or blockage and uses subtle movement and energy to shift the appropriate areas. Often the practitioner will use very light movement to shift constricted areas.

Healing Touch

The Healing Touch practitioner will begin the session by assessing the body’s flow of energy and gathering information about parts of the body that may be experiencing blockage or low vitality. The practitioner will then formulate a treatment plan that support’s the body’s natural, self-healing process.

The practitioner will gently place their hands on designated areas of the body in a specific sequence. Clients often experience a deep sense of relaxation, or a sense of movement, and commonly fall asleep. After the session, the practitioner will slowly assist the client in waking and instruct them to take their time sitting up.


Our therapeutic yoga sessions promote healing and health. It is an ideal practice for those experiencing chronic pain, recovering from injury, or simply striving for optimal health. In addition to its many physical benefits, yoga can alleviate PTS, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping.

In an individual yoga session, the practitioner will assess the client and determine the best yoga technique to fit their needs. Group yoga sessions are more generalized but modifications can be employed for different needs. Mats and other materials are provided.

Meditation/ Relaxation

Relaxation and Pain Management Techniques for Veterans and their families. We will explore Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Guided Imagery, Conscious Auto-Suggestion, Breath Work, Progressive Relaxation Techniques, Moving Meditation, as well as visual trance induction such as Girih Geometric tiles, Kolam design, and Labyrinths.


It is common to notice changes within 24- 48 hours of a session. As with most integrative care, you might experience feeling renewed, inspired or possibly more emotional, hungry or tired than usual. This is the body’s method of processing and clearing. We recommend taking some time for quietness or stillness if possible. You can support the restorative effects of the treatment by taking a walk or breathing with mental focus. Remember that your body may want more sleep  or more water than usual. We also recommend taking a salt bath or using salt in the shower to promote integration.

Often the deep relaxation results in ideas and thoughts bubbling up to the surface after a session, and it can be helpful to keep a small journal to capture this information. If you’ve never had an integrative care session before, you may want to plan a little extra downtime for yourself.

If you have any questions, please call the Wellness Center at 575-741-1503