Taos Veterans Creative Arts Festival

A unique event during the summer tourist season! We have had overwhelmingly positive responses from our participating Military Family artist. This year’s Fair will feature listings in Taos and New Mexico events calendars, newspapers, radio announcements. The Town of Taos during their Celebration will provide Entertainment: Live Bands and (3) Kid’s Inflatable Play areas and FREE pancake breakfast for Military Families.

Military Families participating in recreational and/or therapeutic activities facilitates the healing process and reintegration challenges faced by Military Families.  NFO provides opportunities to improve family relationships, build camaraderie with other Military Families and Civilians; at the same time enhance “Mindfulness” of personal well-being.  Transitioning from military life, back to civilian life is a challenge that all veterans face.

Outcomes include improved physical health and capability to accomplish daily life activities, as well as improved mental health and relationships with others.

Many past & present Service Members are using ART as a form of therapy options for those individuals who resist other treatment approaches or may be unaware of their conditions or issues inhibiting their rehabilitation recovery.  NFO’s Recreation Therapy assist in improving function and ability, but also use interventions that are individualized and holistic, incorporating Veterans’ interests, family, community, and lifestyle.

Centering on Veteran strengths diminishes the focus from disability to ability, increasing function and independence, promoting wellness and prevention, and restoring quality of life.  NFO believe that recreational therapy provides for friendship, connectedness and community; which are vitally important to overall health and wellness of Military Families.

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