Military History Weekend

May 11, 2017 Off By Don Peters
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Created by Don Peters

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Red River Convention Center

SPECIAL EVENT: Flag Retirement Ceremony on Saturday 11:45 am

Not Forgotten Outreach, Inc. is organizing an incredible display of Military Memorabilia from America’s 1st Green Berets in 1756 to our most recent conflicts.  Military uniforms throughout of nation’s vast history will be on display, as well as many other Military Items.  Join us May 21-24, 2015 at Brandenburg Park in Red River, to view our Nation’s Military past to present.

Show off your Marksmanship by participating in our mock M4 Airsoft rifle range.

Volunteer Models are needed Sat 28th May from 10am till 3pm; to wear the historic uniforms.  Male Models sizes approximate 44 chest, 38 waist, height 5’8” – 5’10”, shoe size 9; Female Model size 6.  Mannequins; are also needed for the static display.